Read on for more details! Talk about a real-life Bachelor Pad!

Winning couples hailing from different seasons gathered together to watch producers Cassie Lambert and Peter Scalettar say "I do" in L. It definitely looks like it was a wild time! Even the latest Bachelorette winner, Jef Holm , was happy to join in on the fun. Read on for more diva details! Emily Maynard may look sweet and innocent on camera, but behind-the-scenes she's allegedly a raging diva. She'd break out in tears when she was unhappy," a source tells Us Weekly.

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There was a lot of screaming. Hell hath no fury like Emily scorned," a source tells the mag. What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Do You believe Emily is a diva? Emily caught Arie in a web of lies -- and now he's done the same to her! Bachelorette contestant Arie Luyendyk Jr. In the beginning of the episode, Emily Maynard was furious after finding out that Arie had a relationship with ABC producer -- and friend -- Cassie Lambert.

However, after having an off-camera discussion, Emily and Arie made up. But the Indy race car driver turned t to Twitter to joke about the brawl -- and point fingers at Em. Let's call it even. Last night, fan favorite and frontrunner Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Arie dated Bachelor producer and one of Emily's close friends throughout filming Cassie Lambert many years ago, but it wasn't until they were several weeks into the season, when Arie and Emily were getting so serious that she was contemplating going home to meet his family, that Cassie happened to mention it.

This sent Emily into a truth-seeking tizzy that, unlike most Bachelor drama, actually ended agreeably: Cassie hadn't mentioned it because their relationship was so long ago, casual and brief that she didn't want to color Emily's opinion of Arie, and Arie hadn't mentioned it because he pretty much forgot it ever happened. Emily realized no one was hiding anything worth knowing from her, and she and Arie moved on. Natalie Getz is a former Bachelor hopeful and the first-ever winner of Bachelor Pad.

In reviewing The Bachelorette for TV Fanatic she brings her unique experience of having been through this roller coaster ride, as well as her spot-on commentary on the men seeking Emily Maynard 's heart. Who brought the drama this week in Prague? How did Emily deal with the fallout from the now-infamous producer scandal?

Who stole her heart, and who stole the show by almost losing his cool numerous times? Find out in Natalie 's review of Episode Seven, using a breakdown of some of the best quotes heard throughout. Who got the boot and who's on to hometowns?

‘The Bachelor’: ABC Exec Reveals the Real Story Behind Arie’s Breakup and the Next ‘Bachelorette’

Were The Bachelorette spoilers right? Plus, one guy dropped the 'L' bomb and another one begged Emily to keep him around. Read on for more details about the June 25th dramatic episode! Emily Maynard definitely gave us a run for our money. Dare to read on Only if you've seen the episode!

After rumors surfaced that the much-lovable Arie Luyendyk jr. But to our dismay, Emily had a different plan in mind. Apparently, the ABC producer was the one who approached Emily first and told her about it.

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Em was initially furious because she thought if he hasn't told her this yet -- what else was he hiding? The Bachelorette has been whittled down to just six guys and things kicked into high gear, since Emily Maynard will be meeting with the guys' families next week As the relationships become more serious, Emily wanted to make sure that she knows everything about the contestants that she can, which provided some serious drama.

From day one, Emily has expressed her desire to have an open line of communication with all the contestants, so it troubled her to find out about Arie 's brief relationship with Bachelor producer Cassie Lambert. Meet The Bachelorette 's New Suitors During her date with Arie , she confronted him about not disclosing this information to her.

The confrontation took place off-camera between Arie , Emily and the producer in question, but Emily came out of it with an understanding of why the subject never came up.

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Arie argued that his relationship with Cassie was so brief and happened so long ago that. Tonight's episode kicked off with Emily and the guys meeting up in Prague, Czech Republic. People can feel how they want to after seeing it, as opposed to just hearing about it. You have never shown footage of a couple after the proposal, and in this case, you filmed for an additional two months.

In future seasons, will you be continuing to film couples after the proposal?

Was it just a coincidence that the first time you decided to continue to film after the proposal, that this bombshell breakup happened? Can you clear up the timeline of the proposal and the breakup, and Lauren starting to date Arie? And that was two months ago, and things are going incredibly well. You have to be respectful. Do you want to meet 25 new guys? It started very slowly and then it got very serious in the middle of February.

We had a lot of professional women and strong women who are their own women. With Becca, it was really a no-brainer decision. So in this case, this guy reached out to production and said he heard Becca was on the show and he was really upset and wanted to see her. So once we realized that this guy really has feelings for Becca and he wants to go, we did it. Is it because he is a bit older, and perhaps ready for a real relationship?

Who Is Cassie Lambert, the Bachelorette Producer Who Once Dated Arie?

Nick Viall almost feels like an early-to-mid something who is still figuring himself out and moved to L. Arie lives in Scottsdale, Ariz. He was just living his life. It seems like the intention in casting Arie was to make this season the most authentic it could possibly be when it comes to looking for love, so why do you think ratings were down this season?

But it still felt like people cared — I heard a lot of chatter about the season online.